The MyCity represents a turning point for how the industry records and views their data.

Gone are the days of daily (manual) meter readings, compiling of large spread sheets + wasted resources, only to view the difference in daily total values.

Where data acquisition methods were automated in the past, it was generally via radio telemetry, an expensive system prone to vandalism, theft, loss of signal + lightning strikes.

The MyCity is a GPRS-enabled data logger, that logs the connected parameter(s) at defined intervals and uploads the recorded data to the MyCity website on a daily basis.

From the MyCity site, the user can view their data for any defined time period, allowing detailed analysis of (eg flow) trends and total values for a period of time.

Water balances have never been easier to prepare, nor identify possible losses in the system.  Similarly, Blue + Green Drop reporting can take a matter of minutes.

Two versions are available:

  1. AC-powered:  5 x 4-20mA inputs, 2 x pulse inputs, 4-20mA + relay outputs, optional display unit
  2. DC-powered:  3 x 4-20mA inputs, 2 x pulse inputs, IP68 housing, normal + extended battery versions