The picture above is of a 48″ US Parshall flume, 304 s/s, supplied + installed to measure the flow rate of a spruit running through a client’s property.  This particular installation made use of a submersible level sensor to prevent theft of the measuring equipment

The prerequisite for successful + accurate open-channel flow measurement, is the existence of the correct Primary Device.

We can supply a variety of flumes manufactured exclusively in Stainless Steel.  The most common is 304, but 316 + 2205 has also been used depending on site requirements

Types of flumes on offer:

  1. Palmer Bowlus Flume
  2. US Parshall Flume
  3. ISO Parshall Flume
  4. Montana Flume
  5. British Standard Flume
  6. Khafagi
  7. Custom

We also design, supply + install all types of weirs, in 304 or 316 stainless steel:

  1. v-notch
  2. rectangular
  3. broad-crested

32-point flow curves are supplied with all flumes and weirs, which are needed to calibrate the associated measuring instrument.  Refer flow curves for additional info.