Flow verification’s are conducted to verify the flow rates of an existing meter, by making use of an external high-accuracy meter.

We make use of a clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter, which is installed inline with the meter to be verified.

Why would you need to verify flows?  Mechanical water meters gradually ‘slow down’ over time, leading to a larger and larger % error.  It is a highly expensive procedure to remove a water meter and send it to a verified laboratory for calibration – often more expensive than the meter itself.  With the clamp-on, we are able to verify the current mechanical meter flow rates vs the clamp-on, leading to an accurate % difference that can be applied going forwards.

We also verify Magnetic flowmeters, existing clamp-on ultrasonics and other inline flowmeters.

The picture above is comparing an installed Insertion Paddle Flowmeter to the Clamp-on Ultrasonic (yellow unit)