For our larger customers, we offer monthly maintenance services, generally undertaken on a contract / SLA basis.

Monthly to annual maintenance services entail (Effluent):

  1. Monthly:
    • check equipment functionality on site, diagnostic tests
    • off-site monitoring utilising the MyCity
    • cleaning of sampler hoses, suction beakers
    • cleaning of submersible probes
    • calibration of pH probes for critical applications
    • general house-keeping
  2. Every 2 months
    • same as the above, plus
    • pH calibration
    • conductivity calibration
  3. Every 6 months
    • monthly duties
    • 2-monthly duties plus
    • effluent meter calibration
  4. Annually
    • effluent meter calibration, if not already calibrated at 6 months
    • replacement of batteries, where applicable

Appropriate monthly maintenance activities are completed for other types of customers too, Contact Us to find out more:

  1. WWTW
  2. WTW
  3. Reservoirs
  4. Bulk Networks
  5. and more