The service we are best known for, and after having completed thousands of sewer surveys over the years, it is no wonder why.

Our sewer logger is connected to an ultrasonic level sensor, installed within the manhole chamber, calibrated and logging started.  Sewer logging periods range from 7-14 days, or permanent utilising the MyCity.

The sewer logger can also be used to temporarily monitor sewage inflows to WWTW’s, provided an appropriate primary device exists.  If not, we would log the points upstream supplying the WWTW.

Why would you need sewer logging?

  1. Determine the current network capacity
  2. Determine the impact of possible future developments (residential, commercial etc)
  3. IMQS models
  4. Master plans
  5. Determination of Minimum Night Flows, and ultimately, fresh water leaks in the system

Requirements for a successful sewer logging study:

  1. measuring point needs to be on a straight line, with no bends and / or side-flows
  2. no recent signs of flooding
  3. accurate slopes provided
  4. provision of 24hr security in extreme circumstances

Equipment availability, we have 25 temporary sewer loggers on hand, as well as 40 MyCity loggers that can be used for short to long-term installations