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MyCity, developed in collaboration with Flotron, revolutionizes remote monitoring with GSM technology. It connects to any measuring device with digital/analog output, automating data logging and report generation. MyCity sends SMS alerts for alarm conditions, ensuring rapid responses to emergencies. We offer both battery-powered portable and electricity-powered wall-mount units, catering to various needs. Access data via the MyCity website, and rest assured, your data is secure and easily retrievable.


How secure is MyCity for storing sensitive data? I'm concerned about data loss.

MyCity uses secure storage, and your data is 100% confidential and intrinsically safe. You can access and download your data using a unique password. Even if you lose downloaded data, you can always retrieve it from the MyCity site, ensuring your information is protected.

What happens if there's an alarm condition while I'm using MyCity? How will I be notified?

MyCity is designed for real-time monitoring. It will automatically notify you by SMS if any alarm conditions are met. This feature ensures rapid response to potential emergency situations, allowing you to take immediate action.

Do I need a stable power source for MyCity? What options are available?

MyCity offers both battery-powered portable and electricity-powered wall-mount units. The portable unit is ideal for remote locations with no stable power source. The wall-mount unit can be specified with a battery backup for added reliability, ensuring continuous monitoring.