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Infiltration Studies

Infiltration studies assess cross-contamination in water and sewage supplies. We deploy data loggers and automatic samplers to monitor flow values and collect water samples. Detailed testing determines the magnitude and severity of infiltration. Such studies are vital for preventing resource wastage, income loss, and environmental pollution. Our insights help service providers manage networks effectively and implement necessary remedies.


I'm concerned about the potential for cross-contamination in my water and sewage supplies. How can an infiltration study help me mitigate this risk?

An infiltration study is a vital tool for identifying and addressing cross-contamination issues. By monitoring flow values and conducting detailed testing, we determine the magnitude and severity of infiltration, allowing service providers to make informed decisions and implement necessary remedies.

What are the consequences of infiltration, and how can it impact my operations?

Infiltration, whether of fresh water into sewage networks or sewage flow into fresh water supplies, can result in resource wastage, income loss, and harm to the sewer system or water treatment processes. Our detailed infiltration studies help you better manage your networks and prevent these issues.

How often should I conduct infiltration studies, and what is the typical duration of such studies?

The frequency of infiltration studies can vary depending on your needs and network conditions. We recommend periodic assessments to ensure ongoing network integrity. The duration of a study depends on the specific objectives but typically ranges from several weeks to a few months.