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Water Demand Management

In water-scarce regions like Sub-Saharan Africa, Water Demand Management (WDM) is critical. We evaluate water usage on-site, identify incoming and outgoing lines, and establish a baseline measurement. Our comprehensive WDM services encompass in-situ meter detection, water-saving initiatives, and continuous monitoring to track reductions in water usage. Collaborating with Re-Solve, we provide expertise and equipment for a complete WDM solution.


How can Water Demand Management (WDM) help reduce our water usage effectively?

WDM involves a comprehensive process of assessing your site’s water usage, identifying inefficiencies, and implementing water-saving initiatives. By establishing a baseline measurement and tracking improvements, WDM ensures a sustainable reduction in water usage, protecting this precious resource.

What types of water-saving initiatives do you recommend, and how can I be sure they will work for my site?

Our WDM offering includes a tailored approach to formulate water-saving possibilities specific to your site. We work closely with you to implement initiatives that align with your goals. Our expertise, combined with Re-Solve’s collaboration, ensures effective solutions backed by industry knowledge.

How do you monitor the performance of water-saving initiatives against the baseline? What if they aren't effective?

We continuously monitor the performance of implemented initiatives against the baseline measurement. If any issues arise, we adjust the strategies accordingly to ensure a quantifiable reduction in water usage. Our goal is to provide sustainable improvements that benefit your site.