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Plastic Piping & Fittings

GF – Plastic Piping & Fittings, offered by Georg Fischer (GF), is a comprehensive product line designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries, such as water and wastewater management, chemical processing, and industrial applications. This extensive solution encompasses a variety of products that bring unique advantages to our clients.

From plastic pressure piping systems designed for reliable fluid transport and corrosion resistance to drainage systems tailored for efficient wastewater management, GF provides effective and dependable solutions. Our plastic welding systems guarantee leak-free joints in plastic piping, assuring the durability and integrity of pipelines.

Our range of fittings and accessories includes secure connection options like socket fusion and butt fusion fittings, threaded fittings for water supply, and valves for flow control. Flanges and unions offer convenient access for maintenance or inspection, providing flexibility in your piping systems.

GF also offers support and mounting systems for pipe stability. Transition fittings enhance versatility, meeting specific needs. Specialized fittings improve system performance. Our instrumentation and control solutions enable precise process optimization. With custom fabrication options, Georg Fischer ensures versatile, reliable plastic piping and fittings for diverse applications.


Are GF - Plastic Piping & Fittings suitable for harsh or corrosive environments, such as chemical processing plants?

Yes, GF’s plastic piping and fittings are designed to excel in challenging environments. They offer exceptional corrosion resistance, making them ideal for chemical processing and other corrosive applications. Our plastic pressure piping systems ensure reliable fluid transport while withstanding harsh conditions.

How can I be sure that the joints in plastic piping systems won't leak or fail over time?

Georg Fischer takes leak prevention seriously. Our plastic welding systems, including socket fusion and butt fusion fittings, guarantee leak-free joints. These systems ensure the integrity and durability of your pipelines, providing long-lasting, trouble-free performance.

Can GF's plastic piping and fittings be customized to meet my specific industry requirements and applications?

Absolutely. GF offers a range of fittings and accessories, as well as custom fabrication options, to meet your specific needs. Whether you require secure connections, specialized fittings for improved performance, or instrumentation and control solutions for precise optimization, our comprehensive product line ensures versatile, reliable plastic piping and fittings tailored to your industry and applications.