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Flow Surveys

Flow surveys are essential for assessing pipe capacity and planning infrastructure upgrades. We conduct short-term flow measurements using open pipes, ultrasonic sensors, and portable data loggers. Depending on your requirements, installation periods range from 7 to 28 days. Our reports provide critical insights into sewer network capacity, making them invaluable for new developments and infrastructure planning.


I'm planning a new development, and I want to ensure the sewer network's capacity. How can a flow survey help me with this?

A flow survey is ideal for assessing the current capacity of your sewer network. It provides data on flow rates, helping you make informed decisions about infrastructure upgrades and ensuring your new development is properly supported.

How long does a flow survey typically take, and can I access the data during the survey?

Flow surveys can vary in duration, from 7 to 28 days, depending on your needs. During the survey, our equipment continuously collects data, which can be accessed daily through our MyCity remote data logger for longer survey periods.

What happens after the flow survey is completed? How will I receive the results?

After the survey, we remove the equipment, download the data, and generate detailed reports for your review. These reports provide valuable insights into your sewer network’s performance and capacity.