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Flow Measurement

Our service specializes in accurate flow measurement, crucial for various applications like water, sewage, and effluent monitoring. We ensure that the right combination of primary devices and measuring instruments is selected and correctly calibrated, guaranteeing precise flow readings. Whether it’s ultrasonic sensors with flumes or magnetic instruments for closed pipe flow, we customize solutions for your specific needs. Our expertise extends to correcting and enhancing existing flow measurement installations, ensuring reliable data for informed decisions.


I'm concerned about choosing the wrong combination of primary device and measuring instrument. How can you ensure that I get accurate flow readings?

We understand the importance of accuracy. Our experts will assess your specific circumstances and recommend the most suitable primary device and measuring instrument. We have a track record of successful installations, and we’ll ensure proper calibration and installation to provide accurate flow readings.

What if my existing flow measurement installation is giving incorrect readings? Can you help improve it?

Absolutely! We specialize in correcting and enhancing existing flow measurement installations. Our team will conduct a thorough assessment to identify any issues and recommend solutions to improve the accuracy of your measurements.

Is flow measurement calibration a one-time thing? How often should I recalibrate my instruments?

Calibration is crucial for accuracy. We recommend annual or quarterly calibrations, depending on instrument importance. Our calibration services will keep your instruments accurate, ensuring your data is reliable.