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Our Services

Flow Measurement

Specializing in precise flow measurement, we customize solutions for water, sewage, and effluent monitoring, ensuring accurate readings and reliable data.

Flow Survey

Conducting short-term flow measurements with open pipes, ultrasonic sensors, and portable data loggers is crucial for assessing pipe capacity and planning infrastructure upgrades.

Infiltration Studies

Infiltration studies, using data loggers and samplers, evaluate water and sewage cross-contamination, providing crucial insights for network management and pollution prevention.

Services and Repairs

Rely on our skilled personnel to efficiently service and repair various instrumentation brands, minimizing downtime and costs in our workshop or on-site.

Annual Calibrations

Ensure accurate instrument readings and avoid fines with our expertise in annual or quarterly calibrations, covering various brands and providing calibration certificates for proof.

Water Demand Management

In water-scarce Sub-Saharan Africa, our critical Water Demand Management (WDM) services include in-situ meter detection, water-saving initiatives, and continuous monitoring.

Equipment Hire

Explore our diverse, cost-effective testing equipment, including time-of-flight sensors and portable loggers, for precise measurements and flexible on-the-go data acquisition.